My Homework Bot Demo

Text-Based Solver

The Text-Based Solver is a simple and versatile option for solving homework problems. Users can input their homework questions or prompts as plain text. The solver processes the text input, understands the context, and generates relevant responses or solutions. It's suitable for users who prefer typing their questions directly into the application.

File-Based Solver

The Docx or Text File-Based Solver allows users to upload their homework questions or prompts in the form of Microsoft Word documents (docx) or plain text files. The solver reads and extracts the text content from these files, processes the information, and generates responses or solutions. This option is useful for users who have their homework in digital documents and want a convenient way to get answers.

PDF-Based Solver

The PDF-Based Solver is designed for users who have their homework questions or prompts in PDF format. Users can upload PDF files containing their homework, and the solver will extract the text content from the PDF, understand the context, and provide answers or solutions. This solver is particularly helpful for users who receive homework assignments as PDF documents and need a solution that works with this file format.

Student login Upload file

Students can easily upload files by following a simple three-step process. First, log in to the platform...

How to add Category

In this student-oriented platform, users can effortlessly organize their files by adding a new category...

How to request for videos

Easily request personalized tutoring videos with our intuitive Dashboard feature. Simply navigate to the Category List and click REQUEST VIDEO. A convenient popup allows you to enter the Tutor's Email, ensuring a direct connection. Click Request, and upon success, a confirmation popup will appear. Streamlining your learning experience has never been this seamless – try it today!

How to request for steps

Easily request personalized tutoring videos with our intuitive Dashboard feature. Simply navigate to the Category List and click REQUEST VIDEO. A convenient popup allows you to enter the Tutor's Email, ensuring a direct connection. Click Request, and upon success, a confirmation popup will appear. Streamlining your learning experience has never been this seamless – try it today!

Switch from student to teacher

Elevate your role from student to teacher effortlessly by simply clicking the UPGRADE AS TEACHER button in the Header. Confirm your decision in the Are you sure popup by clicking on the Yes button. Experience a seamless transition as the Success popup appears, signaling the completion of your switch. Click OK to acknowledge the successful upgrade, and embrace your new role with confidence. Enjoy enhanced privileges and take charge of your learning journey as a teacher.

Dark and Ligth Theme

Enable students to easily toggle between Dark Mode and Light Mode with a convenient header option, empowering them to customize their screen's visual experience effortlessly.

Upgrade to premium account

Elevate your student experience by seamlessly transitioning from a Free Trial to a Premium account! Simply click on the Premium link in the sidebar, explore our enticing Pricing Page, and choose the Basic plan. Once you click Choose, enter your card details in the secure popup and hit Submit. Witness the magic as the Payment Received Successfully popup appears, confirming your upgraded status. Now, enjoy premium perks and unlock a world of enhanced features for your educational journey!

How to change password

To update your password, start by clicking the Account Profile icon in the header. Navigate to the Profile page and input your current password along with the new one in the provided boxes. Afterward, click the SAVE button. Upon successful password change, a popup confirming the update will appear; click the OK button to complete the process. Keep your account secure by regularly updating your password through this simple and quick procedure.

How to upgrade to Annual Plan

Easily upgrade your student plan to an Annual Plan with just a few simple steps! Click on the Account Profile icon in the header, navigate to the Profile page, and find the Monthly Plan option. Opt for the Annual Plan and click UPGRADE TO ANNUAL PLAN. Confirm your choice in the UPGRADE POPUP by clicking Yes. Experience success with a reassuring Success popup – just click OK to complete the process seamlessly. Enjoy the benefits of extended access hassle-free!

Tutor File Upload question in Solver

Use the Solver platform by logging in, selecting File Based from the Solver dropdown, and uploading your file. Click See Result to receive valuable information, guided by the efficient assistance of the robot throughout the file upload process.

How to Add category as tutor

In this tutoring session, learn to enhance your application's functionality by implementing a dynamic category feature. After initiating a file upload and clicking Save, a Select Category dropdown appears. Opt for the Add Category option, input a custom category name, and save it. The newly added category seamlessly integrates into the system and is promptly listed on the Dashboard page, ensuring a user-friendly experience with organized data management. Elevate your application's usability by mastering this step-by-step process.

How to add a student from your student list

The Tutor Manage Student Adding Functionality streamlines the process with five simple steps. Firstly, the tutor navigates to the Manage Students option in the left side navbar. Secondly, they enter the student's email into the designated input box. Following this, the system automatically displays the student's name and email. Upon clicking the Add Student button, a success popup appears, prompting the tutor to click OK for confirmation. This intuitive feature enhances efficiency in student management for a seamless tutoring experience.

How to remove a student from your student list

The Tutor Manage Students Remove functionality allows tutors to efficiently remove students from their roster. By selecting the Manage Students option in the left-side navbar, tutors can choose a specific student from the Select Student dropdown. The student's name and email are then automatically displayed. Upon clicking the Remove Student button, a confirmation Attention! popup appears, prompting the tutor to click Yes, Delete. After successful removal, a SUCCESS Popup confirms the action, and the tutor can click OK to complete the process.

How to add video for Student Request

Tutoring platform enhancement: Easily fulfill student requests by following a streamlined process. Access the Student Request dropdown, select the student, and click Details. Open the Student Request Box, add a video by clicking ADD VIDEO, start recording with START RECORDING, stop with STOP RECORDING, and download the video. Choose the file for upload, confirm success with the SUCCESS Popup, and finish by clicking OK. Effortlessly add instructional videos to enhance the learning experience for students.

How to add steps for Student Request

To submit a student request, first, navigate to the Student Request dropdown and select the specific student. Next, click on the Details button to open the Student Request Box. Inside the box, locate and click on the ADD STEPS button. A popup will appear; proceed by selecting the file through the Choose File option, and click open. After successful submission, a SUCCESS Popup will appear, prompting you to click OK. Congratulations, the steps have been added successfully for the student's request.

How to edit video and steps for Student Request

Efficiently edit student requests by selecting the desired student from the dropdown and accessing the request details. Edit the video by choosing VIEW / EDIT VIDEO, uploading the file, and confirming with the SUCCESS Popup. Repeat the process for image steps using VIEW / EDIT STEPS. This streamlined tutorial ensures a swift and hassle-free way to manage and enhance student requests.

How to swtich from tutor to student

Tutor switch introduces a seamless transition from teacher to student with just a few clicks. In the platform's header, educators can find the SWITCH TO STUDENT button, initiating a user-friendly process. Upon selection, a confirmation popup ensures accuracy, prompting users with the query, Are you sure? Following a positive response, a Success popup signals the completion of the switch, prompting users to click OK. With this intuitive feature, Tutorswitch streamlines the transition, allowing teachers to effortlessly assume the role of a student for a more versatile learning experience.